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Your Trusted Legal Advisor for...

Business Advancement, Commercial Sales, Agreements, Corporate Searches, Boards, Minutes, Partnerships, Employee & Customer Relations, Property Searches, Appraisals, Land Leases & Novations, Utilities, Boundaries, Insurance, Travel, Retirement, IT  

Marriage, Adoptions, Separation/Divorce, Custody, Citizenship/Residency, Deportation

Local Building Authority, Work Permits, Wrongful Termination, Wages, Trade Licenses

Financial & Bank Accounts, Social Security, Traffic Department, Voter Registration

Entertainment Law, Students & Teachers Rights, Mentally & Physically Challenged 

Project Management, Impacts, Pollution Law, Clean-Up, Training & Compliance

Supreme Court, Magistrates Court, Bail Applications & Criminal Court Representation

Civil Litigation, Family Court, Negotiations, Self-Help & Out of Court Settlements



Attorney Contact Info
 USA Office (New York)
43 West 43rd Street Suite 236

New York, NY 10036-7424
(001) 631 876-1232 (Skype)


CARICOM Office (Belize)
Teodocio Ochoa & 3rd Street

San Ignacio Town, Cayo District, Belize C.A.
(011) 501 625-2830 (BZ / Whats App)

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